This is my personal story

If I can build a successful blog,
then so can you...

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11 comments on “My Personal Story”

  1. Hi Adam, I can truly relate to what you said in the video for I have face the same. I'm really happy for what all you have achieved with your determination and grit.

    Right now I'm in a tough situation which is due to the Pandemic. I used to work in Dubai and I lost my job couple years back.

    But sadly due to the Pandemic I was unable to secure a new job as my profile was into Customer relationship and that means to deal with people directly/ face to face.

    Hence I decided I cannot let this continue and sought for a better solution for myself and felt the move into Digital marketing, as the world and the new decade is drastically progressing digitally It felt the best choice to make.

    Right now I am developing my Blog which is slowly coming up, and I hope it can lead me to a better future.

    Much appreciated for your efforts Adam and all the best... Cheers!!!

  2. Dude, that was extremely relatable, i have a very sinilar story… at the age 31 mark but same time frame of events. Seeing success.

    Now I have to buy the course whenever it comes out. You sly weasel you

  3. Thank you for posting this video and giving us a very personal look into your real life with all its struggles and success. I am so happy for you and especially thrilled that you never gave up. I look forward into creating my own brand for the world to enjoy through your extensive course. I am a senior and I want to prove that if I can do it, anyone can!!

  4. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for sharing these videos. I ran into your website about 6 months ago on a Google search and have been following you ever since. Your story resonates so much with me.

    I have failed so much in the past, tried different businesses that failed, worked for banks, tech companies. I also feel something inside me saying I deserve so much better, no matter the mistakes of the past or the poor decisions I have made.

    I currently work for a cybersecurity company, I am doing well and growing, but the pressure and responsibilities keep mounting. I am overstressed and working 16 hours every day.

    I have taken a few digital marketing courses on different topics and suffered from shiny object syndrome, with no real tactics, no concrete advice that has helped me and my business grow. I've been getting "vagueries" as you put it.

    Looking forward to learning from you Adam, Cheers!

  5. The 1st 3 videos were really genuine. I'm more of a reader than a watcher and was worried about sitting through the videos. But I enjoyed all 3 and am looking forward to the next step.

  6. I think the 3rd video cut off before you finished, Adam! I'm left hanging and thinking....
    I really liked the last video when you explain who you are and that life is progress, not perfection, which I totally agree with.
    I've printed off your 7-day wordpress blog launch and am planning how to start my blog. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  7. Personally I can relate it , some points in the life I thought what I'm doing, why I'm here, what is my future ?

    This all questions just freaking fucked by mind.

    Honestly I read your story but as usual I'm not connected to it.

    But yeah today I feel like myself as you in past 5 year where you don't even know your future.

    Now I'm in that place. I thought it's time to get out fucking comfort zone to be someone who tells other If I can do this , then why not you.

    " NEVER QUIT".

    Thanks Adam !


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