The Game of Blogging Today Has Changed

Let me show you what

blogging is like today vs 2010...

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What is the most outdated and ridiculous blogging advice you have ever heard?

Have you been trying to build your blog with outdated advice from 2010? Share your experience by leaving a comment below!

13 comments on “2010 vs Today: The State of Blogging”

  1. Desperately waiting for a course from you! I must have signed up for this VIP list at least 5 times to avoid missing a notification. 🙂

  2. I think the most outdated advice would be "Blog about your passion"...I'd been trying to start a blog for years with this advice and it just wasn't working because your passions don't always align with what people need most. It's been so great reading your story and learning from you, Adam. You've given me a new zeal to finally start my blog as a business. I love how you freely expose the truth about the digital world. And I'm really learning so much from these new videos...Can't wait for the next one, please don't ever stop! You're transforming lives.

  3. Your perspective on blogging is refreshing. So many outdated websites are giving incomplete or old information. Technology is moving fast, and it is so easy to be left behind. Thank you for your amazing work and keep it coming

  4. Yes... This is the reality.

    I have started my blog in 2017 and but still struggling.

    I can resonate everything you have said in this video.

    Thanks for sharing. You nailed it!

  5. I am a beginner in blogging space and was searching for blogging ideas from past few months but since the day I got to know about your website, my search for guide to become blogger just ended. I found your video really helpful, with so much truth about blogging you shared, I can’t wait to see the next video by you.

    You are awesome Adam.

  6. Hello Adam ,

    Its grate to hear your story how you started your Blogging. Its really going to be useful to all who is going to take actions to learn , earn and teach. I am from India and coming from poor Christian family . and recently due to pandemic i started to search in google and i came about so many things like Digital marketing , Affiliate marketing , Social media to make a huge money but as you said and it is really true that all does not get success unless the founder does not teach the steps to do. It is very difficult to do by our-self and it wont be succeed . So i am happy that to hear your success and i want to be success like you. Kindly help me out . God bless and i look forward for your third video. Thank you once again.

  7. I have watched your video 1 and now video 2 took me to a new level of understanding about blogging. I have read of building niche sites from other "Gurus" but Adam, the one strategy that you mentioned caught on with me. I have to stay above the niche sites but stay below the super big competitors ones. Correct me if I misread/misheard from your video. Thanks.

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